2015 bourbon county rare, propreshittors, coffee, and Regal rye roundup

I drank all six of the bourbon county offerings last night and shit got out of hand pretty quickly. Old DDB already gave you a PREVIEW REVIEW of the regular ass bcbs and dat bee bee dubya, but what about the other deviants? Let’s rank them from shittiest to ultra trill:

  Last place: propyshyturds

This beer was arguably the hardest to land of this entire lineup and since the stellar coconut glory days of 2013, it seems that Icarus has flown a bit too close to the sun. Let me clarify that this is by no means bad in a global sense, compared to most stouts it is actually very well done, but in the canon of world class bcbs deviants, this is like a family full of doctors with a kid who is the manager of a Sizzler. It’s respectable, but no one is swiping right and fucking this beer with the lights on.

The real issue here is not the chilis, which were tastefully understated like a high neckline. The problem was the cloyingly sweet maple which dominated any sense of fun or whimsy the base beer once had. It is sticky sweet ihop extravaganza, got the syrup but not the lean. Given what it takes to land this, I can’t in clear conscience recommend giving up a VR/Puga Royale/Black Tuesday Reserve or some shit to pull it.

Second most trifling: Roor

  In a way I feel bad for any beer that has to step forward with the “Rare” cognomen. Not only does it inherently get needled on the playground for asserting its inaccessibility in a gauche manner (I know it refers to the aging not the availability, calm your tits, entry level cicerone) But it also has to fill the shoes of arguably the best stout ever made. Couple that with a “$60” price tag, the hype that new dipshits covet, and a box that is the packaging equivalent of wearing a vest and bow tie to the club: there’s gonna be unrest.

This is a tasty stout, to be sure, but it falls below regular bcbs in my estimation. The whole touted TWO YEARS IN A THIRTY FIVE YEAR LLD BARREL THATS 70 BARREL UNITS actually gave it a lacquer and deep wood aspect that reminded me of the overOaked diageo releases like Old Blowhard. Some people claim to love that, and those are the same master palates who will tell you pappy van winkle 23 is the best bc most agings. Don’t trust an Esquire magazine palate. You can land the far better Puga25 for much less and get back to your model train collection. The water tower looks nice.

Almost the best: raygel 

I winced at the description of this and ptsd from backyard and brambles past had me jaded from the outset. Thankfully the cherry and sea salt was subtle and never turned into a robitussin lutjens sucrets nightmare. The jamminess worked beautifully with the brownie batter and toll house cookie underpinnings of the base beer and barrel treatment. Absolutely seek this out even if fruited stouts are not your thing, this is arguably the best berry/chocolate execution I have ever encountered and pulls rank on the likes of Cigar City’s Life is Like. Wayne Wambles all up in the brambles.

This seems to be commanding less than its pay grade at this point and you would be remiss to skip this excellent beer.


 God damn, the coffee this year is offering very little in terms of around-fucking. The index could be defined at zero. Not since the 2012 Tortuga masterpiece has bcbcs been this good. The roast and silky acidity works flawlessly with the Skor bar and whoppers in the base beer. [note for Sts fans, this beer actually contains coffee, it does not contain whoppers or Skor bar.]

This is third to only 2010 Rare and the inimitable vanilla rye as the best bourbon county ever made. IMMA LET U FINISH BUT THIS IS THE BEST EVER. If you have had a maleticulously crafted single origin v60/chemex pour over then you know that delicate balance that never overpowers or becomes one dimensional but underscores the roasted malt. 
Drink this now, or wait three years and get one from a dude in Indiana who will assure that the bell pepper notes are how it always tasted and the coffee never fades. Your choice.

So in summary: nice things aren’t worth it, accessible things are pretty much just as good except not all the time and the kinda premium things can sometimes be the nicest things.



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