If you love 7 year smooth ambler casks, rye, and barrel aged Monsters Park, then prepare to google “composition fallacy.”

I don’t know how this works itself out but, three amazing elements have merged into one disappointing stout. Smooth ambler cask strength rye is a phenomenal poor mans version of THH, monsters park has shown a relentless affinity for barrel aging, and that rye spice just twists nipples and screams HOLIDAYS: so what the fuck happened.

I couldn’t tell you but for some reason this has a zippo lighter fuel meets crumbled nutmeg nose to it with zero chocolate or fun barrel, just duraflame logs and crawl space notes. The taste is dry, thin, gingerbread sex doll, with this endlessly long purina alpo dog food meatiness like beef jerky going hard on the spices. This is the beverage version of a no kill shelter and it is heart wrenching to endure.

I can’t pretend to know how this happened, but, let’s just look to the future and forget about this sordid entry in the actual monster catalog. 

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