Mexican cake. Dat cognac loud like the pipes on that 442 

Admittedly this is in the dead middle of the pack as far as the exceptional mexy cake lineup. This doesn’t exhibit the sweetness and sticky prune riffs that you get from some cognac treatments and comes across as a kind of indescriminate John Doe variant in a six pack lineup of the other deviants. 

This isn’t the worst but isn’t anywhere near jack Daniels or tequila in awesomeness either, it feels a bit more svelte and the bals contribute a gentle oeuvre to the chili, abuelita is fully triggered. 

In sum, absolutely accept a pour but don’t prolapse your anoos to try this over the much more accessible Ba mexy, I am not making generalizations about Mexicans. GOD HAVE LIBERAL EDUCATIONS GONE TOO FAR.

Meanwhile in Chicago:

It’s like a clip straight out of fallout4 with irradiated neckbeards looking for coveted Ba nuka cola.

One thought on “Mexican cake. Dat cognac loud like the pipes on that 442 

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