The New Glarus R and D program has existed in this unfair shadow cast against the game-changing VSB and as a result they usually are overly panned for not conforming with those once in a ticker lifetime brews. Wild peach was pretty tasty and the goozie was an awesome overlooked beer. So here we have another banger with berry right in the name, so those prurient interests were piqued once again.

The operative term in the title is “bourbon” and every dumbfuck who couldn’t comprehend a sour brown was stumbling to Untappd to complain about the lack of sour golden tones. Sour goldens are the only wild ales worth making, according to the top tier cicerones in the game since 2014.

This is actually akin to a flawlessly balanced Flanders red with awesome malty underpinnings, depth in the oak a caramel ribbon through the berries like god tier Ben N Jerry’s blends. There is absolutely zero acetic aspects and the mouthfeel is down pillow soft, berry tannins juicy like a medium fill duvet. Imagine a more refined, Alexander meets Oude Tart sour cherry. The light vanilla reminds me of a cherry coke but with a massive jammy presence on the swallow. It is exceedingly drinkable and the worst aspect is this kind of Aquanet meets fruit roll up kinda thing which is forgivable, for the hairspray enthusiast.

Shit is dank and comparatively easy to land, what more do you want from me? 

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