Brb drinking myself into a BAComa until fallout 4 comes out. Brandy Old Numbskull got that loud.

Not as sweet as last year and the hop profile peeks through, in my opinion it’s not as noteworthy but still fucking awesome. I just hope Caifornia traders: the state of perpetual errand boys, saved a few to actually drink before proxy fatigue sets in.

You get a blast of oak, tootsie roll, cut lumber, Skor bar, and fantastic sweet caramel dipped leather. YEAH I HAVE EATEN LEATHER TIMES IS HARD ON THESE STREETS.

it’s been a bit since we have had to suffer through a barley wine whale, releases like this cuts the hype at the knees and just delivers uncut really into the streets this are only accustomed to stepped on product. Tickers gonna OD on these London Ale strains, parents wandering downstairs to do the laundry finding their adult children all khaki teethed reeking of Brandy.



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