2015 Pedestrian ass Bourbon Mexican Cake, You can’t get me in my safe space, bullet proof Windows, troll proof doors 

After dealing with a day full of eating turds from Terrapin/Orpheus activists, time to settle into a classic gem that always delivers.

While &+/Thursday is probably my favorite riff in this [hispanic insensitive] stout realm, this one still engages the core for a deep burn. It isn’t quite as good as the bourbon/whiskey treatment of past years but it’s marginally deficient in that regard. There is a touch less caramel and toasted mallowfoam and instead the chili understudy scratches all the monologues with vocal fry.

It is nimble, but still significant. It has a nice menthol meets abuelita that is warming and comforting like lil Ceasars after you get friend zoned. I enjoy the barrel treatment but could use a touch more of the oaky dryness to offset some of Shinra adjuncts pumping mako in my gums. 

The best part is, like the recent Grrrz face plant, these consistently awesome beers have been abandoned for more dubious pastures by traders so you can land regular old bourbon cake for something closer to the realm of an Arby’s HJ instead of more premium/deviant acts.

Don’t ask about the pappy, the psyche conseling will be substantial.

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