These tickers love Sosus oh an I know it, hit u with Mosaic bro, now ur ass slumped ova.

You can grind your teeth and rail against the Toppling Goliath hype machine and decry Iowa traders until Trump is president, their shit is fire. It would make my job a lot easier if they were only a stout machine or if their catalog was so clearly one note that I could grind some levity out of the grist mill.

Frustratingly that simply is not the case and TG has proven ability in the hop game and across the stout spectrum. I am bunkering down and praying they don’t find that Good Burger sauce for Saisons, barleywines and wild ales. If that happens then Dr. Robotnik gets all the chaos emeralds and every other trader is proper fucked.   

 But let’s talk about this gem. Backlit or not, this is a beautiful radiant golden ring coveted by Tails. The carb is spot on, frothy and pumps oily resins upwards like a water park with alpha acids instead of piss. 

The nose is a paradigm of mosaic on mosaic action, m4m casual hop encounters. You get this chive and lemongrass, mulched leaves, weed whackers running at full clip and stomped apricots languishing in the still summer heat.

This is a massive dipa in the mouthfeel, syrupy almost to a fault, conifers and sappy robitussin creating occlusions on your incisors. The kush is not unapparent, wiping the gum line produced bitter earthiness like chard and shallots that is magnificently refreshing in the dry garlic swallow. 

I very seldom will bend my knee and sugggest actively trading for a dipa, largely because a stupid two row dry hopped analogue is probably local and more fresh anyway, just waiting for you. This is one instance where I lamentably have to break my first date rule and advise you to smash this, outside your area code, foregoing monogamy. 

Even if Sosus don’t call you back, that taste in ur mouth is worth it. Bro u earned it.

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