Bruery Levuds, confession, Arbre, Chronology 12, and melange 11. sure, Why not.


Since people constantly ask me about this shit, here goes nothing:

Levuds: this is Duvel spelled backwards and if you pour this beer it will try to acquire all the other beers. It’s a solid clean dry belgian golden that seems like it has some noble hops, abv is well masked, it is well done if not butthole shattering. It seems better than that OG version from back in the day.

Confession 2015: I loved this back in 2012 when it was called “Riesling blend sour” and it is even better this time around. Essentially served dead flat, this is a phenomenal spritzer of imperceptible abv and white grape, touch of vanilla and lemon zest. It is hardly sour and more wine forward than anything I have had since Oui Oui. One of the best of the year from Bruery hands down.

Arbre light char: a forgettable brownie batter nose, light roast and coffee toastiness that closes short and fudgey. Nothing to give you pause, it is fine I suppose.

Chronology 12: this is basically SHASTA Melange 3 and I feel this is the oak breaking point and would prefer a C9 as a midpoint. For the money though, massive phenomenal beer that will stand the test of time. Never too heavy handed or flabby, boozy and a vaporous caramel raisin finish. If you can’t grab a m3, this is a fantastic substitute. The real issue is that that anniversary beers are so similar and good, this gets pulled down in the undertow.

Melange 11: anise. Cinnamon. Dates. What in the actual fuck. I expected this to be a nightmarish old ale, instead it is a wholy tolerable and uniquely weird wild ale. The nose smells like grape KOOL aid. The taste is a novel flanders red meets bourbon soaked merlot. All of the spices are not present thank god. It isn’t incredible, but it fails to be so horrible to warrant comment either. I have had plenty of worse “standard” wild ales from other breweries. Split a bottle, pop in Battletoads, let the rage flow.

fine. I guess we can do that shit too.

Tonelerrie rue: a secret about this beer is that it essentially has previously beer released too young to mediocre fanfare. Those in the know laid these bangers down for 9 months and enjoyed their bone dry gusher. With oak ferm and all oak aging this beer is killing it this round, from a brewery not exactly praised for their farmhouse roots. You get esters and oak on the nose, nothing too batshit. The taste follows through with a well attenuated, clean, dialed in and refreshing mouthfeel. In terms of deals sure this is no oak aged logsdon, but still damn tasty.

SOUREN: this is a more substantial riff on a belgian golden, light honey and tannic grapey sweetness. It is fine, nothing insane, nothing acetic or deficient. On a side note: holy fuck at 10% this makes consecration seem overstated, feed this to your Gf. It is croosh and delicious, albeit forgettable in the scope of the highly competitive wild ale realm.

Gypsy tart: a shittier version of regular ass Oud tart. Light acetylaldehyde, sole copper and burnt sugar. 

There you have it. Confession is a mandatory ISO. Tonelerrie is a rad extra. Everything else is pretty okay. I GUESS.

Shameless apologist homer signing off.

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