The cherries in Transient Cherry Pentameter smell like Purina one, such kennel house tones. Canine rusticity.

  I think you had to join their reserve society to get this beer.
The taste was actually really good and had nothing in common with the olfactory nightmare. It was bizarre to have such a bipolar beverage. To make things worse, another bottle i opened of this had a completely normal faux Krieky nose, but then a weird acetic character to the taste. How can bittle variation make two completely opposite beers? I guess I could have waited and blended the two to make either 1) an incredible cherry jam masterpiece or 2) kitty litter head on acid collision.  

Thanks powz. Thanks a lot.
This is one of those strange instances where the beer itself has a clean mouthfeel and seems well assembled but it’s like the barrel program went off the rails at some point. Case in point:

I don’t know exactly where this was aiming but it landed square in the realm of Granny Smith diacetyl extraveganza. I can already see Chicago traders all like “I loved the caramel and oily mouthfeel! The green jolly rancher aspects shined nicely!”
Maybe Transient has been beers and I am just fucking thin-



This beer is incredible and tears ass all over the rest of their catalog. DP be peepin but you would be hard pressed to find another in the breakfast stout world with this much balance, and sheer drinkability. The various ingredients meld together for an amazing coffee cascading over vanilla into a loving maple syrup embrace. For all the MD fanfare this week, this awesome beer is criminally overlooked. I have no idea 1) how the same brewery could have made three wildly differing beers in terms of quality and 2) why aren’t more people trying to land this sleeper cell of adjunct awesomeness?

In SUMMATION: their wild ale program needs some work but God damn do their stouts run the trap like you just introduced her to your stove.  

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