The new barrel aged Full Malted Jacket got both feet in the paint, 300 bars and runnin

If you somehow missed the massive 150 bottle release from two years ago, this is back on the block slanging yellow tops. This is still phenomenal and another entry into Beachwood BBQ’s under appreciated, well executed barrel program.

While this feels a touch thinner than the previous iteration, none of the barrel components have been lost in the fray. If you jock aftw, bb4d and the Alesmith ba wee heavy, this is right up your alley. There’s a delicate creme brûlée shell, Carmelized brown sugar, skoal bar, a touch of tobacco like a light Cohiba drag with an oaky finish.

I hope people continue to sleep on these because Jean Quad, Rye Like an eagle, and the oaked System of a stout continue to wild out well off the radar of those who love flabby disjointed adjunct extravaganzas. 

The newpalate crowd will lament that the beachwood barrel aged offerings are too thin, as though a mouth replete with unfermented malt is something worthy of celebration, streaking their teeth with saccharine oversight.

Barrel aged wee heavy? Now I feel less lonely.


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