Sippin Sahalie Joel Osmond sixth sense got @drugstorebrewer straight ghosting

 This is a tried and true stallion of the mega farmhouse world and the 11/14 release is no exception. 

It still has the obnoxious cork that is impossible to remove. It still has that apeshit carbonation that settles down about as easily as a 3rd grader after a 2 liter of Mountain Dew code red and Ritalin.

The taste has a bit more of this acidic pithiness like grapefruit rind than I recall that is a touch off-putting when it warms but that sky high Abv lies silent in the kudzu gripping a farmhouse .300 knockout ready to no scope headshot your entire evening.

I always am torn about reporting back on the ale apothecary offerings because every time I write about them, they slip further out of real and it throws blood in the farmwater for that undergrad money to dive in. The grist of the body almost feels like it has spelt or some other unfermentable solids in there to boost the cheesy heft of the mouthfeel and I love that pear meets Brie closer.

The acidity isn’t a deterrent and the mouthfeel still has a dry frothiness like a tangerine Chardonnay milkshake. Thankfully, At $30 a 750ml most beta casuals will be scared off and be like “that saison prolly isnt even sour enough anyway” and leave it next to the Oak aged Seizoen Bretta on the shelf. If the 2014 dipshits ever realize that Belgians also brew saisons, we are totally f’ed in the a.


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