Red white and blue(/black Flora), Happy Memorial Day @hillfarmstead

I was blown away by satsuma Flora, pleased with blueberry Flora, and in the wake of the recent black Currant Smog city saison, couldn’t wait to try this bad ratchet.

The pour is, as to be expected, Sofia Vegarra-tier beautiful. Radiant hues of violet and off pink carb sit atop this precious stone translucence. Bursting with blood red hues like when you stop taking your Valtrex.
The nose is blackberry jam with a dry Riesling aspect to it, farmers market meets prosecco with a lightly backish spray to it like you are on worlds ballerest catch.

The taste is a unique hybrid of tart, crisp Berry and this lingering cheesiness and oak. The result is a kind of odd “protofruit” character where you can’t pick out the individual nuances of the fruits but it feels like “fruits ET al.” It is hard to fault a beer for using a component fruit blend, but it becomes difficult for me to pick out its “intent” beyond the scope of “wild ale with fruit.” In the way that Sara fruit punch 1 suffered from this bipolar execution, it is incredibly refreshing and hits all the right marks without the clear depth of satsuma. 

 The fruit on this is as real as it gets, artificially fruited Saisons: not even once. 
So should you go apeshit locking this down? It is well worthy of your time and you should put it all inside of you. Aside from the Smog City release, I can’t think of a clear analog and you could certainly do far worse in this realm. That being said, this does not quite approach the pedigree of the prior iterations of Flora, or even Flora b5 in my estimation. Which is to say, it is very good but feels more like a four door m3, the additions are subtractions by way of contrast, but you still got a sick juicy Berry whip with amazing PowerPlant and tannic underpinnings.


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