@cigarcitybeer Da Un Beso a la Botella, a traditional tropical style imperial export stout aged in rum barrels. Srs.


Cigar City beer, Florida

I didnt make that style description up, 10% abv

When I read this was one of the Catador only beers the amount of WAT was not insubstantial. What is a tropical stout? The fuck is the difference in imperial and regular export stouts? Do the rum barrels make it more tropicaler? There were lingering concerns at the outset.

The beer pours jet black and has beautiful carb and nice legs leaving sheets of beige foam dotting the glass. The nose is sweeeet molasses, overripe banana, figs, Carmelized raisins, and TURBinadO sugar. The rum barrel is this needless middle manager telling this already sweet potation to read the OSHA posters in the breakroom and sign the medical provider forms, this beer didn’t need any additional sweetness oversight but, the barrel is there notwithstanding.


Another sweet stout from CCB? GOT EMMMMMMMM!!!!!! 

The taste actually adds a layer of raspy roast and TOASTY depth to this sweet endeavor. You get the foregoing but also a sort of dark chocolate, brownie mix, blonde roast coffee, and a cut teak to round things out. With such an apeshit style description I am at a loss as to how to improve upon something so esoteric. This isn’t bad but could use some dialing in with regards to the saccharine olfactory profile and some additional balance to the muddled raisin taste.


Detroit isn’t ready for this.

I wouldn’t refuse another pour in the future, but that wildly hypothetical scenario assumes I have any friends who can tolerate my company. Taking down a full 750ml would be quite the task but not impossible if you load up an entire season of Daredevil and get to grinding it out.

I would say lazily seek this out but don’t trade anything apeshit for it, unless you happen to be well stocked with ape feces, then by all means, push that fedex policy to the limits.


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