@cigarcitybeer Rum Barrel aged Cafe Americano, better than BA speedway, top 5 cigar city beer I have ever had


cigar city, nascarland, FL

9.5% abv, ba stout with coffee cacao nibs and vanilla

WELP, time to face the stark realities of the blogger condition: cigar city knows how to make phenomenal stouts. Sometimes they just choose to troll the shit out of their fan base with crazy adjunct offerings, other times they release undisputably world class beers. This is the latter camp. 

On paper I jokingly mused that it would be a flabbier version of ba speedway and twisted my waxed moustache like a judgmental prick. Boy was I wrong. This comes out of the bottle with silky mocha foam and sheets of latte drapery coating the glass. It is deep and black with dark beige tints sheeting downward like when you are picking out Sherman Williams swatches for the room with the sex swing.

The nose is a blast of whoppers, kit kats, malt balls, caramel, and of course Mocha frap. It Smells fantastic and used the coffee and cake batter in tandem to level itself out, like when you snort a rail of hydroxycut cut after downing hydrocodones, because those kids gotta get to school amirite?

The taste never leans too hard on its one two adjunct punch of cacao and vanilla and lets the coffee aspects round the edges off. It is frothy and substantial in the heft of the coating but never step over the boundary, like your buddy who always tries to wrestle with your hot cousin. The coffee isn’t sharp nor is it dull or muted, it’s a full roast that has a triple frap upside down quad shot aspect, it is only missing the cream. Perhaps that is a VEDEO revue for another day.

When this was set forth I had all the designs for a hilariously shitty review and then this derailed all my expectations by being outstanding. God damn it. I didn’t start this site a fucking half decade ago to be doling out dollops of heaping praise like some kinda section 8 lunch line. However, when something is this good, one is compelled to call it.


When one bolt on addition simply isn’t enough.

This is a fantastic coffee stout and you would be remiss to skip it. Top five CCB beer, easily. What are the other 4? Glad you asked:

Apple Brandy huna


Double barrel Mz


Go get this grinder already, then sample it with someone from Grindr.

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