@caseybrewing Oak Theory, psh not even advanced oak theory, I didn’t even get any AP credits for this review 


Casey, oak theory, colorado

Not even advanced oak, regular ass theories, 5% abv, ba saison turned wild ale

Right out of the gates I was intruiging by this beer after having tried the phenomenal and undersung casey Saison, and the tasty fruit stands, this developed into a natural ISO. Once the reviews started coming in, I began to scratch my chin with worried contemplation.

The beer started as a saison but had since been referred to as an American wild ale. That’s fine, that happened with west Ashley and no one complained about that. When I poured this and saw that hateful magic,  its crackle of acidic foam, screaming for relief like burning alkaseltzer.


TFW when sour saison.

The cling is excoriated from the edges of the glass, that acidic clear sheen laying as flat as paper mario. Beatification looks down into the battle room at the furious prodigy, nodding at the tart prospects therein.

The nose is sharp as aged cheddar, lemon and kiwi, apricot, citric acid, with freshly cut limes. Other people lauded the alleged funk in this, something that must have either been overridden or metabolized since bottling in January, because this isn’t a layered delicate beer with complexity or depth, it is a pack of throwing knives that never miss their mark. Longshot straight out of the mojoverse cutting your palate.

The taste is drier than a vagina at a magic: the gathering tournament, it had lemon rind, limeade, nectarine and lingering oak on the backend that has a woodiness like Popsicle stick Saturated with tart juice.


Spill this beer on your skin like 

I had a tough time taking this entire 750ml down alone so that means it will be “OMG TOTALLY MEMERABLE AT MY 46 bottle SHARE ALL 16 of us agreed!!!!”

It is by no means a bad beer but it seems suited to the novice palate feeling their way in the dark cavern of tastebud limits, learning their bodies and mouth limitations. If you are the type who has already felt the pillbox fire of Upland Persimmon and Cascade apricot, you won’t need to prove yourself in the melee of this tart battleground.

I prefer the regular ass casey saison and east bank to these jarring acid rounds. The vault is a lie and your tastebuds will never escape pandora.

3 thoughts on “@caseybrewing Oak Theory, psh not even advanced oak theory, I didn’t even get any AP credits for this review 

  1. I just tried blend 2 and it was not that acidic. It was fantastic even. Herein lies the problem with reviews/ratings in general when there are variations from batch to batch.

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