@Weyerbacher Sunday Morning Stout, the obtainable SHASTA version of innumerable other Whaley coffee stouts


all the offshelf pundits were extolling the virtues of this beer top to bottom. Releasing it in the heart of KBS season seems to have been a tactical Semtex tossed on the undercarriage of the Founders tank.

So it is a barrel aged coffee stout, business as usual, but how LEGIT is it really? The coffee profile is a touch sweet and almost has a milk stout aspect that works well with the barrel aging, sweetness is present but not dominant. Cama rep and vanilla have this macaroon that has a tasty interplay with the forgettable roast of the coffee.

The mouthfeel is thin and leans toward the Peruvian Morning spectrum of things, making this approachable and undaunting to the uninitiated.


When every offshelf ba coffee stout is compared to ba speedway.

It isn’t as good as KBS let alone the ba speedways, but I think that’s an unfair standard to lay at their feet from the outset. This is a tasty, readily available beer that has a flavor profile all the sweeter when fedex and truck chasing are omitted from the equation. 


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