@shortsbrewing superfluid, a tasty clean dipa without the usual adjunct japery from Shorts


This is a pretty tasty dipa and perhaps the best beer I have ever had from shorts. They didn’t put any sage or nautical oak in it or anything.

It is intensly sappy and resinous but the body is so light and dry it somehow all comes together and never feels like a malty midwest dipa with fistfulls of Crystal and sucrose. This isn’t my particular favorite iteration in the dipa vein but that’s personal preference, it is unquestionably well made and I don’t often get to say that about shorts and their food beers replete with the entire pantry dumped into them.

I wish this brewery would strip down their core offerings to these “reductionist” beers because it shows that at the core of things they have a talented brewing team with some kinda ape shit gourmand marketing department. Next fall the canteloupe and kafir mint leaf version of this beer will come out and turd things up.


Shorts knows what my diet be about.


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