@clownshoesbeer ballad of Minnie quay, the best beer CS has ever made, a frustratingly tasty old ale.

We heckle Clown Shoes quite a bit around here at ddb for their sexist labels, questionably fast distro curve, inconsistent product and rampant adjunctism; they are too big to care and everyone wins. Today, however, we have what can arguably be considered not only the best beer that them Clownie boys have produced, but an unequivocally delicious ba old ale.


Ba old ale, 11.5% Abv

Shoeland, New England 

This is a component blend of old ale aged in port and whiskey barrels, distributed only to Michigan.

The beer pours a ruddy deep maroon and mahogany with carb that would make them Kuhnhenn beers gunshy. The beige foam cascades upward beautifully with frothy lacing. I need to put a mouthguard in for the entirety of this review to prevent my jaw grinding while doling out heaps of praise for Clpwn Shoes. The taste of crow along the gumline before I raise the beer to my lips.

The nose is a wonderful bouquet of plums, figs, Carmelized raisins, red grape and a cinnamon closer. Again, imagine how much my lower abdomen hurts admitting that this beer is on par with Alesmith BA old ale. It smells delcious and unique and no amount of prevarication can deny that. It feels like the girl you snubbed at the Debutante ball grew up to be an ultra hot Suicide Girl med student. Such ragrets.


Commence to Jigglin 

The taste follows more of the park fruit with prunes, whiskey akin to bernheim, oakiness a hefty stickiness like turbinado sugar, bruised peach, and a lingering fantastic brown sugar closer high and inside just enough for you to get a piece of it and give the old ale fans In The stands a lil souvenir. This beer crushes. 

Admittedly this isn’t God tier old ale in the realm of bb4d, Adam from the wood, or Melange 3, but it takes its build and puts on as much aesthete as those malty bones can handle. I can’t fathom how the boys who made Muffin Top can in clear conscience not make this a regular release. The fact that it was only sent to a single state already replete with fantastic barleywines and old ales shows the great irony and business acumen attendant to the whole release. If they dropped this in Florida the lines to dry cleaners would be a mile long with NECKBEARDS trying to get residual cream out of their anchor blue jeans.

Here’s where I traditionally use some qualifying language to cover my ass in the rare instance that someone’s palate disagrees with old ddb. It may be a touch too fruity or winey for some people, but if you enjoy the way Bell’s old ale is executed, add layers of complexity and you have this beer. 

Don’t think the rest of those payaso offerings are getting a pass from here on out, but this is like having an ultra specific firebrand that tears shit up in an ice dungeon. On this one instance, they pushed their hot blade deep inside of my dungeon.

Wait what.


Imagine being drunk on old ale and being told your street is now closed due to Fast and the Furious 7. Heaven, I know.


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