@crookedstave Nightcap, get ready for the most punitive beer CS has released to date


Behold, the shittiest beer that Crooked Stave has ever released. Look upon it in solemn contemplation and reflect upon cherry mixed with stale coffee grounds.

If you are already on the fence regarding dark sours, bail now. This is like the optional dungeon hunt that will tear you limb from limb. I am talking Demon Souls difficulty curve. 

It is bone dry, nimble and opens with intensely sour cherry skins that tingle along the gumline like those acetic caged and corked la folies from the 2000s. That dryness paved the way for this acrimonious coffee ground flavor running in tossing Semtex and leveling what is left. Finally when the tastebud residents are crawling out of the tart bitter rubble, cocoa nib bombers firebomb the back palate with a bitter chocolate sweetness. Palate war never changes.

I don’t understand what this was going for, it starts off like consecration and closes like Chocolate Rain, ne’er should the two be wed. It isn’t a poorly made beer in the way that Jackie Brown isn’t a poorly made movie: there is evidence of genius and mastery that bungles all the details. The end result is a low point in an otherwise stellar lineup of offerings. 

To be fair two other “normal” people  (ie no man tits, not obsessed with sugar water) loved this beer. Like a mimosa sipping Lululemon undergrad, I JUST CANT EVEN


Don’t Act like you aren’t buy curious. 


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