Grapefruit Sculpin Still banging hard on those 808 drums 

I love how people piss the sheets over how this costs $18 a six pack but back in 2012 they had no problem dropping $8.99 on a bomber of regular ass sculpin.

Maybe the 🐋🐋🐋🐋adjunct ipa game isn’t for those people. They still sell Barefoot Chardonnay at the grocery store for like 9 bucks.

This beer is damn tasty but I might honestly prefer regular sculpin if I am going to be drinking several of these, the grapefruit gets a little cloying after the second one. But if you have to look presentable for a paternity test, go with a single grapefruit sculpin, it’s all the juicy resonant citrus and pine but then they game genie the fuck out of the pithy grapefruit notes and enter that infinite orange lives code. No clipping

I’ll spank the shit out of a grandpa if the price is right


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