Beersel Mattina – Birrifico Del Ducato- a pricey yet delicious saison lambic blend exemplifying why Ba ratings are completely worthless

You may have seen this massive genie bottle in your botle shop and shivered at that MASSIVE thirty dollar price tag. I mean for that cash you could buy a three floyds sour beer, not some saison blended with Drie lambic, decisions decisions.

The ronies on ba gave this a flat 4. This phenomenal delicate burst of oak and spice and lemon was basically a failing grade for that site. The substantial carb and generous sheeting, the wafts of cut grass and wet leaves, the refreshing tropical fruits were insubstantial to those palates I suppose.

This is a tasty saison/drie lambic blend, albeit a bit rectum puckering at the $30 price point. No ragrets. You could do far worse with your money and I welcome you to name an analogous to a farmhouse ale blended with 3F lambic, I will wait.

I know you be lookin


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