@thebruery melange10, this is melange 3 mixed with Hunaphu. Tasty4sheeze

Bruery, placentia

15% Abv, baby making brews

Alright another hoarders exclusive that naysayers already are frothing at the mouth to discredit, I love how shorty under attenuated stouts with cinnamon chocolate chilis = take my cellar but, you put that this in a stellar old ale? OMG NO THANKS WOW I CNT EVEN

Put summarily, this is the charm and panache of massive melange 3 with that quirky spice and sweetness of Huna. You get caramel and toffee, waves of bourbon and oak, then the under drive pulley kicks in and you get cocoa and Abuelita tones, it closes with a crackly light chili on the bitter zones.

You can’t finish an entire bottle without being Biglobo, powz, Markintihar, or one of the staples of the midwest canon. Ftowne could drill a 15% old ale and then rebuild a 302 but most people can’t handle this shit.

Shared amongst friends or exwives, this is delightful. There’s nothing similar to this which could be good or bad, if you want a clean focused laser precise old ale like bb4d, look elsewhere. If you are down to take bumps in an Arby’s bathroom and get twisted, this is for you.

“Ooooooold ale? Well that reminds me of the ss Guerrero and the involvement in the banana wars you see I-“

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