@degardebrewing Hop Bu, it is refreshing carbonated Powerade. Perfect for winter flurries.


At 2.3% abv, you know shit is about to get real. Sure we can focus on how the dry hopping presents a fantastic citrus bouquet, or we can talk about the massive crackling carb that makes this beyond drillable, to fracking even.

I would prefer to draw everyone’s attention to the fact that, with a petite frame this beer presents an incredible degree of refreshment and lingering lemon lime goodness. The water profile finishes clean and hard with no residual acid or mineral aspects, further making this beer absurdly drinkable. One fault lies in the fact that this beer will make you look like a raging alcoholic when you destroy a 750ml in less time than it takes to watch an Adult Swim half episode.

When you compare the flavor profile and price point, Jester King’s petite Prince comes across as a massive rip off by contrast, and I really enjoyed that beer. I can only assume this is a second runnings beer, either that or Trevor is extremely wasteful, either way this is phenomenal and it serves an almost nonexistent market of SUPER SESSION beers, like for when you need to both drink and chop firewood for hours on end. A very Oregonian consumer market is being targeted here and I can only shake my head that there is no readily available analogue off the shelf.



So refreshing like end to end mail on mail action. Gas to gas.

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