18th street brewing fans have all the feels


Welp guess I better go study up on this new sea salt saison genre I have been so woefully neglecting.

Barring that, someone point me to a $6.00 cicerone class on traditional Wallonia canned Saisons.

I need to do my research about the rich farmhouse heritage of Gary, Indiana before I go writing saison checks my liver can’t cash. I know I am new to the style but how am I supposed to learn if paying $6 and reading my BJCP guide isn’t enough.


Update: the head brewer and possible owner (?) of 18th street brewing is actually a very genial welcoming fellow with no latent threats in his internet parlance



10 thoughts on “18th street brewing fans have all the feels

  1. Verizon LOL

    If the dude is willing to send you free beer tho, you should ask for both his Abraxas clones. Just like the real thing but only $5 more expensive. I’ve been ISOing them for months.

  2. Maybe this could be a lesson to you.. stop talking crap about people who are out there creating things for people like you to consume while contributing nothing of true value to society. you do a lot of talk about rating, reviewing, consuming, etc. beers while not actually giving back to the craft community…except for homebrewing on your wannabe system…How is that coming by the way? Not very good I bet. yeah…maybe this whole beer thing isnt for you as much as you think. Would love to hear your thoughts on what i’ve said to see if they hit close to home for you. Looks to me like the guy from 18th S. was trying to be nice but you kept acting sarcastic as a defense mechanism


    • Mike should investigate using appropriate punctuation and capital letters. Sarcasm and general fuckery are both clearly a staple here so try not to take things personally when people review beers you can neither find nor afford. Beers get reviewed here; sometimes in earnest and sometimes not. If it’s not for you, then start your own beer blog or shut your mouth before someone fuckstarts your head.

  3. I don’t understand the dick remarks back at Drew? He’s a good guy and doing some awesome work at 18th Street. Reviewing a beer honestly is one thing (even if for comedy, fun, pure sarcastic delight, whatever you like to call your writing)… but I don’t understand personal attacks against a brewer (all be them about as passive aggressive as one can get); especially when they reach out to you.
    Treating a hard working guy like that who is trying to contribute good product to craft beer makes zero sense at all. Generally I really enjoy your reviews and am always up for a good laugh, but that was just shitty dude.

      • I think the problem here is that you should be able to criticize the dude’s beers without him framing it as a personal slight or an attack on his business, which his response seemed to do by responding to pointed (if sarcastic and exaggerated) comments with general platitudes about his willingness to receive feedback from an influential yet anonymous blogger he knows could not possibly indulge such a request. You might be an asshole, but “come on down, you seem to know a lot about beer” is pure smarm, which is even worse than being an asshole.

        Clearly DDB as a critical enterprise revolves around the fact that you circumvent the kind of glad-handing and butt-licking that many beer bloggers must engage in to get access to the inner sanctums of beer nerd culture to give a take on an industry that is full of shady operators masquerading as honest small businesspeople. For example, 3 Floyds once again placed at near the top of the ratebeer rankings this year, despite the fact that they had a hand in at least 3 infected beers being sold to the public at more than $30 a pop, one of which they managed to foist off on The Bruery and the other two of which they refused to acknowledge as such, despite multiple public complaints. Who is going to hold assholes like this to account when the blogosphere full of slavish fanboys is going to turn a blind eye to such misdeeds as long as they get “press passes” to Dark Lord Day or what the fuck ever? And do I even need to point out how spot-on you were in dicknailing Pipeworks, the top rated brewery in the state of Illinois, for all the worthless adjunct-laden shelf turds that clutter the shelves of every mom and pop liquor store in the Chicago metro area? I’m tempted to send you a giant crate of every farmers market produce-based fuckup they’ve made in the past 3 years just for the comedic gold that is sure to ensue.

        Please, don’t let anyone dissuade you from shitting on shitty beers, especially shitty overpriced beers. If you have to hurt the feelings of a couple honest hardworking stiffs along the way, so be it.

      • This was exactly how I interpreted the matter and felt that he was neither genuine in his praise or exaggerated on his opaque threats, so I responded in kind. I don’t really see any victims in the exchange, the man is a legitimate business owner and this is a garbage tier blog. I would be surprised if he thought much of the 4am exchange.

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