2014 William Larue Weller, The BTAC Wheater in the Two Seater

Alright fine, I can hear the preemptive bitching and moaning from the sugar water contingency already: “WE DONT WANT TO SEE THIS WE WANT THE NEW REVIEW OF PRAIRIE APPLE BRANDY NOIR GOD WHAT IS THIS DONTDRINKWHISKEYEYEYYEYE” and all those tired rejoinders. That’s fine, we will be back nutsack deep into describing the same old shit over and over, but these little respites and forays into firewater are for a small segment of DDB degenerates. Thanks in advance to WHYNOTZOIDBERG for sending me this elusive lil minx, bottles of this are currently clearing $400 in secondary markets so for a rounder I owe him like $30.77 in ZJ’s, by my math.

So what is this and why should you continue to not give a shit? It is a 140 proof wheated bourbon, named after a bottler who allegedly invented wheated bourbons. Every brand usually has some nuanced approach to naming it after some stilljockey from the past and Buffalo Trace decided to crown their most ridiculous wheated offering on the top of old WLW’s head. This is the most sought out bottle in the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection and it seems like no one even really opens these as it serves as a super strength Pappy alternative of sorts, except that this is far superior to the Pappy line in my opinion. BUT THIS IS A BEER SITE WHO GIVES A SHIT AMIRITE.



William Larue Weller, Buffalo Trace
140.2 proof (70.1% abv)

A: This doesn’t come across as dark as George T Stagg, but presents a radiant maple syrup aspect with tints like a dark apple juice. It looks deep amber and sheets the glass with the most massive of legs, deep squats, solid form.

S: I was bracing myself for some nose scorching like Stagg Jr, or ECBP but it never lit me up in that fashion. It never develops into a full burn on the nose and instead imparts a huge cinnamon, butterscoch, Skor Bar, nougat, and finishes with piles and piles of attic, saddle, and potpourri. It is intense and massive and if they sold this in aerosol cans, 8th graders would be taking whippits of this from underneath the bleachers. You roll back in to Algebra reeking of toffee and trying to learn how to multiply polynomials.



T: Right out of the glass: fuck no, my baby palate cannot drink this neat. I let it sit for 20 minutes to think about what it has done, just like all my bourbon parenting books has suggested and it still has learned zero lesson, doesn’t give a shit. Hot as Tennessee William’s nutsack. I don’t want to basic bitch myself into a Weller 107 with water so I apply an eye dropper to it and hit the sweet flavor zone, like deep concentrated Pappy 15 on sick gear getting mad swole. You get nutmeg, big red gum, this massive viscosity like floral Robitussin, and one of the longest finishes on a bourbon that I have ever tasted. It lingers like deadening novocaine and oak on the bitter zones. It is admittedly awesome and I can’t for the life of me understand why anyone would seek out any bottle of Van Winkle over this. It presents a blank palate for you to tweak to your profile preference without being some proofed down stepped on shit dictating what you can handle. DubbELLdubb is one of the finest bourbons I have ever had and dominates the EXXXTREME proofed range.

Posting a misguided bourbon review, dont care who sees.

Posting a misguided bourbon review, dont care who sees.

I would seek this out, but expect to offer up 6-7 solid brewery only releases for this $80 bottle that was distributed across America, expect the WLW to have a higher bottle count than any of the beers you may try to offer up. YOU KNOW THE RULES.

U kno the drill

U kno the drill


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