De Garde Petit Azacca, all these 5% bangers are starting to run together


First and foremost, I love the idea of having a 5oz taster glass for a brewery that rolls out 4% beers, get that real Ohio backyard tasting experience. Secondly, this is another in a long line of thin table beers that seem to straddle the AWA and farmhouse realm amiably but never servicing either consumer base to full completion.

De Garde Petit Azzaca, a slightly more tropical riff on what becoming an increasingly samey sort of tart/borderline wild/faint oak execution. The same sort of consistency that put Crooked Stave on the map, that same play that seems to have kept them in Surette gear for the past year. Tasty albeit not life altering, but beverages seldom are unless you are an impressionable malleable dipshit with an Untappd account replete with badges.

The nose is tropical with mango and guava acidity, the taste is sharp but mellows quickly with crackling thin ground bloomers along your molars. It doesn’t lend itself to lengthy contemplation but that seems completely fine looking at the spec’s of this beer and the segment it seeks to fulfill.

In sum, people that love upland shit will think Saisons should have a ph less than 3 and saison lovers will complain that it lacks complexity or body and return to their BJCP message boards with fat alligator tears hitting their Compaq keyboards. It is a tasty crushable beer that will likely be enveloped in the folds of the ever expanding canon of beers from Trevor and the tillamook ballers.

You could probably find an analogue to this in the expansive Stillwater catalogue but since this bottle is probably like $3.65, might as well strike up a Faustian deal with the venerable John St Charles instead.


That face when people try to land De Garde beers at $4$

5 thoughts on “De Garde Petit Azacca, all these 5% bangers are starting to run together

  1. Real winner we have here folks. Trashing on untappd users is the wanna be blogger who can’t even spell out the title line correctly. Get a real job.

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