1999 wild turkey rare breed now I wanna slap the taste outcha mouf.

People get six degrees of upset upon even fucking seeing bourbon on DDB. I don’t get it but, let’s keep this shit brief.

This is rare breed from back when Lit and Sugar Ray were on the radio. You probably saw this at the grocery store in 7th grade and had one of those inexplicable boners due to fucked up body chemistry. But was it worth the $35 at the time? Does anyone give a fuck now?

Well kinda? First off, if this were invented today with all these new money ballers as a new item, it would be marketed as a cask strength blend of three years and it would have a stupid bag or some shit and cost $79. They still make it and it is still underwhelming. But for the time, really good deal. In today’s dollars with the game stepped up immeasurably, it’s pretty okay but tough to go apeshit over. And yes they still make this, bars will stock it as their baller 112 proof choice for people who hate having $14 on their person.

The nose is predictable vanilla, muted oak, some honey comb and a peanut brittle finish. The taste is really tame and admittedly thin for the proof and doesn’t really improve meaningfully on the regular ass wild turkey: baked apple pie, nutmeg allspice, bit O honey and again a paltry oak finish.

This is fine. There is essentially no reason for this to exist, especially not at a 100% markup over basic WT.


That’s what people think when I do whiskey reviews.

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