@thebruery Madeira Black Tuesday, things staying dark and deviant


Boy first rum and now we got some Madeira Black Tuesday? You know that gin cask BT is gonna set the Pacific Northwest on fire. This is executed as the thinnest bt variant this side of wineification and strays the most from the standard bourbon powered experience that you might be accustomed to.

The nose is tannic in a huge way, red grape, raisin, merlot and big oaky cab like tongue kissing post menopausal women at the pta mixer.

This shit shocks you like Blanka sharp and thin at the outset, like if Napa and Kentucky had a stout baby born with breach birth: this is in the game feet first. Fudge and raspberry, tootsie roll and fruit snacks with a crazy Malbec dryness to the finish.

If you had to kill an entire bt to yourself, you stand the best chance with this bad ratchet. People probably won’t come up off these since most people got like 1 with an expensive membership, but if you are a massive stout fiend, you should try this as I can’t think of anything materially similar to this.


Oh shit DDB is getting political.

10 thoughts on “@thebruery Madeira Black Tuesday, things staying dark and deviant

  1. Actually it was the lottery system they set up. Funny, my kid and his friend also scored 3 each. Better yet, with our connections via BeerForum we had California resident friend pick up pour score and ship it back east. Gotta luv it.

  2. Yes it was my bad. I “Only” got the “regular Assed BT” and mentioning I was happy to get it.
    Kinda weird how you felt it deserved such a snarky elitist retort. But that’s fine, it’s your WP page, your writing I find to be entertaining.

    • no i was legitimately confused because if there was a lotto for Madeira BT I was gonna grab my pitchfork because Hoarders members only received 2 as a part of the $700 membership with no opportunity to purchase any

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