Kuhnhenn BRAGGOT, pouring some honey on that old ale game


Despite my suspicions of this recent 6 pack, this wasn’t nearly as lackluster as I was anticipating and actually falls closer to the realm of “I can drink this if I have two other people.”

A BRAGGOT is a blend of mead and usually a substantial malty beer, in this instance it seems like some incantation of their old ale series, base 4th dementia would be my guess. This has a lower abv and seems to have a lower mead component. It is far better than the 2011 as a result. They say

“Braggot is mead and beer combined, this batch won the Bronze medal at 2012 GABF, one of only three medals given to Michigan breweries in the state This batch was made with Michigan Wildflower mead and Scottish Ale. Frank and Eric collaborated to make this award winning mead.”

So apparently it is a Scottish base but, at this pointbpostblending it hardly matters.

It has a silky carb that is never excessive nor lackluster, which with kuhnhenn and their HOTD execution has been an issue in the past.

The nose is honey and toasted almond, agave nectar and Carmelized pralines. The taste is exceedigly sweet and you get bit O honey, o Henry, sugar daddies, all that candy aisle shit but with a toasty Cuir or substantial old ale presence of bready pumpernickel akin to Adam.

In sum, this could have been far sweeter and far worse, it is amongst the best braggots I have had, but that is probably a pool of like 11 beers so my basic ass palate can’t chime in credibly, big shocker there.

It just feels like they packed this, the Brett old ale and the American stout as a heft sidecar in a heavy handed marketing move. Then again, if kuhnhenn told me bb4d and bbbw were sold together for $40, I would readily comply as they are the top of the game, in almost every respect.

Michigan ticker got them laser lips, his mama was a snowblower


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