Guise I finally get to try that blabaer everyone traded whales for, authentic Pajotenland bilberries from South Carolina.


Psyche. Traders on reddit get all tumescent thinking they can trade this for cable car and it’s progeny. At it’s core it’s a fine Berliner, nice acidity, a touch if Riesling presence and no real fruit from the blueberries, more a tannic afterthought and the color alone is demonstrative of same.

But honestly if you are expecting some authentic Blabaer action from an offshelf Berliner, I guess you need to calibrate your hopes and desires. In the end it isn’t a bad beer, but the desire to flesh out a pun has placed in the crosshairs of an inapposite comparison it simply was ill equipped to challenge.


Teepo loves BAZONGAS, he has a mild affinity for fruited American Berliners.

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