@fremontbrewing You think that Coffee KDS is all soaps and suds, ticker what?


I don’t need to elaborate about how god damn phenomenal this is. The roast is on point, the coffee aspect is dialed in to perfection, it is dry and gritty but has such a subtle sweet barrel character that lingers.

This is not only better than BCBCS but nests lovingly with ba speedway in the annals of top tier ba coffee stouts. I wish I had a stool so I could kick it over.

This should be no surprise and I have to apologize in advance to the Fremont people for blowing up their spot, but I can’t in clear conscience not tell people how good this is. The barrel character opens after 60 degrees and has a fantastic vanilla and espresso grind to it, the mouthfeel is akin to parabola and, this is what coffee parabola should have been.

Just incredible toe to tip. Apologies in advance to the Fremont operatives for blowing up they spot.



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