@hangar24brewing Pugachev Mocha, grinding them beans out in the desert


Boy we sure been having a lotta yukyuks recently on DDB, but it’s time to review some adjunct stouts and get super srs. We already addressed kbbs last week, that’s in the past, it’s time to review another ba coffee stout with a 400 bottle count EXCEPT THIS TIME FROM CALIFORNIA.

Hangar 24 brewing
Redlands, ca
Coffee stout 14.8% abv

Pugachev mocha was a 1 per h24 reserve membership with no right to purchase more. Already nips are aching at those stats and the masses are paying myfreecamgirls just to open one on camera. This is my fantasy okay.

A: The look is almost identical to Royale with a touch more carb, it looks nimble and coats with clear legs and thick khaki foam like dry sex at a Dockers warehouse.

S: The smell is phenomenal and leans toward a sight glass/handsome acidity, intensely roasty with almond and vanilla undertones. The bourbon barrel is different than Royale and is a hybrid between pugachev 25 year and BCBCS in the nose. The barrel is oaky but works in parity with that coffee toastiness.

It began as a single barrel of our Pugachev’s Cobra, specially aged in a 25 year bourbon barrel for 14 months. Into this barrel went single-origin cacao nibs from Parliament Chocolate, and locally roasted coffee beans from Augie’s Coffee. That’s the press statement and you can peel back the layers like a grands biscuit.

T: the taste is a silky sweet mochachino with deep espresso roast with a mid palate that has a fantastic lactose aspect to bolster the deep roast with a touch of sticky sweetness. This doesn’t have the maple syrupy aspects present in kbbs but some will find the “more focused” approach refreshing because it allows the substantial barrel profile to shine. It is less sweet than most coffee stouts and the 80 ibus coupled with the deep toasted praline is a great combo. Ultimately it’s the old “do I get the 911 drop or the hard top? In what fashion do I wish to stunt and maximize my stunt efficiency?”

M: this is the section that let’s kbbs edge ahead, since everyone just wants to make that comparison anyway. The mouthfeel, like all of the hangar 24 offerings is precise and hits their numbers with a fantastic clean profile. Some people, particularly dipshits who savor 1oz pours will often fault a beer for SOMEHOW not having a shitload of unfermented materials artificially boosting the mouthfeel. This isn’t like central waters or czar jack thin, we aren’t in the Eurozone, but it also isn’t that flabby Huna realm either. It appears to be a stylistic choice and if they mashed a bit higher sure, it could have been a bit stickier. I am essentially scrubbing the lint off the hotel comforter at this point, because the real fun lies elsewhere

O: overall this is a fantastic beer and I can’t dismiss it as having a clear analog. The barrel profile is entirely distinct and is hand down the noteworthy aspect of this beer. The coffee is a welcome addition to a base puga that is already so clean and roasty. For those who try this, I am confident it will fall into that cannon with BA Vietnamese speedway, beyond good and evil, cbs, etc that are the paradigms of compelling coffee stouts.

While this may be a complete trust fund actress to land, the struggle is worth the payoffs.

Prepare to get infinity fisted by Barrel Reserve members

LOL jk CA traders are dumb as fuck and will probably trade this for a RESOLUTE VARIENT, whatever the fuck those are.

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