Rare dos: for those times that you YOLO so hard you trill in your jeans.


Man I am glad the trade value for this has fallen through the fucking ground because this is still such a delicious stout without qualification. Better than Nooners or Rarererers or triple chocolate deviants: the OG is still best.

It still provides a svelte approach with a nice degree of attenuation and doesn’t lean too hard on residual sugars , which is amazing considering what state this beer hails from, the Mecca of 1.030+ FGeezies. The chocolate and sweetness swings the flying jib and goes full mast with a cargo of delicious vanilla and caramel in the brig below. During this time of year some asshole will invariably chime in with “BCBS IS BETTAR AND I GOT A CASE AT WEGMANS WHY WONT MY COWORKERS GO TO LUNCH WITH ME” or some shit. Yes we get it, regular bcbs is tasty and widely available, maybe take that shit back to BA where your haul pics are still relevant like it is 2009 up in this bitch. Seek this out, the trade winds are ripe for rare dos and you won’t be disappointed.

No I haven’t bought assassins creed unity yet, I have been completing IRL fetch quests, aka Xmas shopping at Bass Pro Shop. SO MANY ACHIEVEMENTS UNLOCKED WITH MY RELATIVES, third level holiday cheer obtained.

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