So the perpetually divisive IMPERIAL IPA: that IIIIIIII-PA. Usually this shit is pretty binary, is it Hopslam and Knee deep territory or is it delicious RPM and Ephraim shit?

This is certainly in the realm of El Segundo power plant, very good not off putting and comes alarming close to absolute PtY greatness.

It isn’t hefty, it isn’t vegetal, it isn’t crystal, nor is it some honey flabby give gam gam a kiss sort of nonsense. This is a lean and taut monster that opens with a waft of 7th grade shake dro, gravity bong, earthy incense and raked leaves. This is no citrus walk in the weeds, this is briar rabbit public sex in the bramble patch.

The taste exhibits incredible balance and leads intensely dry and resinous. I once got paid to rake pine needles and this brings me back to that realm of sad labor. Not the beer, I just had shitty preteen days. It keeps delivering hard with a lingering finish that is oily and dank, arugula and- HOLY SHIT DID THEY SERIOUSLY CAST JENNIFER GARNER AS A SCIENTIST IN DALLAS BUYERS CLUB

are you kidding me. She was in FUKN daredevil. She was elecktra.

But anyway, this is oddly refreshing for such a massive hop bomb and pushes past the wheelie LOOK HOW MANY IBUS WE DID range, into a balanced and incredibly tasty beer. I can’t express a real surprise here, everything these Wisconsin Midas masters touches turns to trade gold.

With good reason. This is a great IIPA, I don’t often get to say that sentence often. It’s like “dad really loved my gymnastics floor routine” sentences like that.

Go get it while it’s still at 85 ibus, the ibus have a half life akin to iridium.


Not even pissed tho.

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