Casa Agria Strick Lambic Al Baricoque


Lotta buzz and controversy surrounding these pre-commercial beers, but what’s the real deal?

This is a plastic fermented lambic fruited in the secondary. The carb dissipates almost immediately and belies the tart nature therein. There is no lacing or distinguishable cling but I strap in for the apricot adventure.

The smell is Brett L and intense acidic profile with a waft of apricot skins and no pithy fruit left behind. It’s kinda like an even more intense upland yet strangely massaged out the acidity from a strictly Brett monoculture, somehow. The fruit is present In A tannic aspect like the produce aisle at a bodega, not sweet but moreover a dry almost cider execution.

The taste is intensely drying akin to a type of Cascade apricot crackle along the gum line. The fruit is present but outshines by a excoriating tartness that lingers. There is no musk to speak of but maybe it will come along, who knows, for now it remains a distinctively one dimensional wild ale that is clean and crisp albeit lacking in depth or a funk to balance out the ph of the body.

I stay in the trap.

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