@alchemistbeer The Crusher, I ain’t a ticker I just crush a lot, DDB still got what u lookin 4


Finally getting around to knocking out these BA top 250 hoppy holes. Those ticks are always ephemeral will O wisps that dematerialize as soon as you see them. If you don’t believe me , go try and land a fresh growler of fuzzy baby ducks. I STILL HAVENT TICKED THEM DUXXX!!!!

This is in the same vein, those Vermont ballers who wear regal imperial purple robes and unabashedly demand sub 1000 count brewery only beers really push the limits of anal fissures in trades.

But is it worth it tho?

In a word, yes. In a few words, if you don’t have a world class borderline TIPA at your disposal. The appearance is beautiful in a nonstandard/BJCP disqualifying manner. It is radiant orange and turbid with frothy carb like that lemon merengue she asked you to pour on your nips that one time.

The nose is resinous and sticky in a grapefruit garnish with a tangerine pith like them lil Cuties in the bag. It is a bit hefty with a honey and light crystal aspect to the nose. Kinda like if you did weight reduction and roll caging to Hopslam. No more doughy tipa, this is an overstated but substantial dipa that may seem a bit off kilter but still alluring.

The taste has less sweetness and is better for it. It isn’t exceedingly original in the fruit and tropical aspects, but the mouthfeel is sticky and has a fresh cut lumber aspect of earthy woody bitterness, that actually is awesome. It provides a layer of depth to what would otherwise be a Knee Deep offering.

I prefer heady but this is the XL version that seems to be a touch out of step with refreshment but adds a depth so you give it a sly nod and let it date your daughter despite its clear girth.

If you can cut a decent deal, by all means get this massive dipa. The average person though, it’s tough to bite the horse bit and have your leg sawed off at the knee for what Vermont traders demand for these limited cans.

Really dro, but not straight drop uncut like Ephraim et al.


Getting torn up, orbital strike style

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