This weekend I decanted Jester King Snorkel in a growler and drank it in a parking lot. Things got weird.

I just wanted you guys to know so you didn't think we weren't professionals here. The beer exhibited much of the refreshing box checking that jester King engages in:
– ultra attenuated?
– bottle gushed all over the place?
– intensely clean with low low FG?
– mineral and lightly brackish finish to the swallow?
– obligatory lemon and lime esters from the midly tart yeast?
-turbid milky yellow body?
– a faintly chalky mouthfeel?
– hard as fuck water profile?

Then they rubber stamped this crushable gem and we were off to the races. It wasn't as over the top and undrinkably exotic as I had hoped/feared. In the end it felt more like an entry closer to a less sweet Biere de Miel, a tasty farmhouse entry from a brewery replete with quality musky offerings.


Little did I know I was violating several municipal ordinances while enjoying this beverage.


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