Old Blowhard 26 year, sometimes it isn’t the length of the wood, it’s the depth of the treatment presented.


Twenty six god damn years in the barrel. That’s longer than most of these new Dark lord drinking tickers have been alive. So is the extra time from the wood an improvement over Orphan Barterhouse? The answer is a resounding negative.

At $150 retail this not only costs twice as much as it’s Bernheim brethren but it is also markedly worse. Let me clarify, if you absolutely love over oaked, solventy soapy wood: then you will find this to be a vast improvement. The nose on it was a touch of varnish and wafty cabinet treatment. I let it burn off for a few minutes and dove back in and the subtle or the understated notes from it’s Orphan cousin are long gone and what’s left is the deck of a well worn galleon, one that spent far too much time at sea.

The taste is black pepper, some pine, and a resonant oak bomb like 9th grade shop class. All the fun caramel and dark fruit is gone and we are left with this dystopian arbor day where plants rule the earth. I mean, get a $25+ pour at a bar if you want the experience, but a whole 750ml of this might be a bit much unless you have a logging buddy or want to get forestry-service-person wasted.

Perhaps mouths that crave the wood in their face hole will foster a better appreciation for this mistreatment, I will just remain content with my bountiful supply of transparent erection entendres.


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