@crookedstave Batonnage hop/zest, a blend of vielle, Brett D’Or and Surette but only marginally better than each component. Gentle tangerine citrus underpins this prickly pear.


That header isn’t to say this beer it isn’t good, it’s really juicy and separate and better than the sum of it’s parts, it’s just each component is damn good in itself.

In collaboration with Mr.B’s for their 5th Anniversary: The beer was barrel-aged in Tablas Creek Winery Rhone white-wine barrels that were freshly drained then immediately shipped to Crooked Stave. The beer is a blend of roughly 75% L’Brett d’Or, 20% Surette, and 5% Vieille, dry-hopped with Motueka hops from New Zealand and zested with kumquat zest & tangerine zest.

The real difference here is the huge tropical profile and starburst acidity that reminds me a lot of the fantastic Zeke’s Surette but a touch more subterfuge and white wine for the post menopausal palate.

It is bone dry and communications major thin in body. You can drill this like the technodrome and the dry hopping doesn’t slow anything down with alpha aspects.

Very tasty stuff but don’t go contracting Ebola givin mountain high HJs behind the REI to land this treat.


Getting real sick of all these tasty beers Crooked Stave, keep it up god damn it.

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