Lone Pint Yellow Rose is tied for the best IPA to ever come out of the south: cockstaggering and delicious


My love for NODA hop drop n roll is well documented, we need not revisit those deep piles of Eros at this juncture. This is the first ipa to come from the southern United States, [inb4 “Texas is a republic gods country ain’t not the south nowhere like it on earth can’t call it the south the annexing was improper president Harrison was a snake oil grifter” and all that shit] since HDnR that came out the gates swinging with such hoppy panache and citrus aplomb that I couldn’t help but rank the two abreast.
This beer was still delicious and it was sent across the country in a fucking cherry Pepsi plastic 2 liter. Think about that. The carb was gentle and foamy with a light creaminess like HF Edward, the look was a full brassiness that wasn’t radiant but seemed poised to judo chop your jugular with alpha oils.

The nose is a deep bouquet of grapefruit, lemongrass, pine, tangelo, and a hint of nectarine with a light honey finish. It is phenomenal and you can huff this like those Lemon sir marks a lot markers from your youth. The taste is nimble and clean with a lingering stickiness to the mouthfeel like a baby Hopslam, a touch of agave and deep citrus pith, the whole affair is refreshing and simultaneously substantial. It is distinctively west coast in execution and transplanted immaculately, like a first growth taking to nitrogen fixation as though it were native soil. If you are a botanist, I will allow yoga moment to clean the cream out of your jeans from that last simile.

This is not only worth trying, it is worth actively seeking out as there likely won’t be a readily available local analog to this phenomenal IPA. Highly recommended.


Just grip that growler hard, caress the foamy opening.

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