Orphan Barrel Barterhouse 20 Year, an over-oaked lacquer adventure.


There are certain bourbons that may benefit from additional aging, that EC20 being a prime example. This Orphan Annie comes across like it hit full saturation in the oak and then kept on sprinting. The nose has a nice floral aspect, lumber mill shavings, and a faint varnish aspect to it. Your wood is getting worked one way or another.

The taste is again, so much lumber and oak, but incredibly mellow and lacking any real scorching solvent aspect to the swallow. The heat is muted and you essentially receive a cord of firewood in exchange for the dark fruits or sweet notes you would anticipate from younger variants. Pretty tasty but my baby palate still prefers the toffee and buoy of fruity safety.

I don’t know shit about bourbon. I’m just posting these to mix things up a bit.


Pray for the D.

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