@sideprojectbrew Side Project Fencerow, a sour tannic explosion of berry preserves like someone threw a Semtex into a farmers market.


Look at that ruby red frothiness just sitting there all petulant and sour, not even seeking your approval but earning your respect anyway. It’s like the bad ass substitute teacher who puts fresh raspberries on his desk hit doesn’t give a fuck if not a single inner city punk takes one. This beer has a muddy albeit oddly beautiful aspect to it’s turbid nature. You know a metric shitload of berries went into this beer because slight agitation covers the glass in mashed up skins and kerns juiciness. It looks like royal crushed velvet and the pink foam is on point like getting your clit pierced at Claire’s.

The nose is the absolute best smell side project has put out to date and goes in locking arms with Rose De Gambrius and De cam framboise on sheer berry blastocyst goodness. It isn’t jam or jelly donut, it is straight up migrant labor, I am talking $3.99 plastic containers at the grocery store, the earthy and floral product of knees deep in silt. Also, acid. Lots and lots of acid. Those two coupled together is like a glass of Robeks smoothie for a man escaping his demons from when he used to work at Jiffy Lube.

The taste still has a massive berry presence and sends shattered dry signals along your jawline, vibrating with juicy passion along the way. Your molars will swell with delight and anticipation as the raspberry framboise drops sour patch kid bombs into the burgeoning pockets of ph3.0 love below. It is more drinkable than Fuzzy, in no small part to the FUCKING AMAZING MOUTHFEEL. I mean this. When it warms it has a fantastic creamy naked juice finish to the mouthfeel like fresh pressed Whole foods goodness. The silky smooth carb and floating debris from a fresh harvest just makes it feel intensely wholesome like some apothecary remedy before you push a crimson smeared brood out into a bathtub at home.

Overall this is an exceptional raspberry beer regardless of style or genus or species. It has a touch too much tartness for my tastes , but the redeeming aspects vastly outnumber my picayunes and shitty complaints.

Go get it x

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