Fantome Clos Preal batch 2, an earthy, herbal, disappointing journey into flabby farmhouse leather working.


Everyone pines over Clos Preal batch 1. I mean everyone who cares about this shit, so, like 29 people. The gold foil follow up was like the menthol mushroom sidekick to the incredible first iteration that was the black foil. While batch one of Clos Preal was kinda like the precursor to Extra Sour b1, this is more like a funk Laden Imperial version of Hiver. ICED HIVER. If you didn’t appreciate that spruce and rosemary before, well prepare to take on the 10% double donger, now with six vibrating functions.

It is serviceable and original, but the problem is most entry level saison assholes will point to something like this, a novel riff on farmhouse spiced culture from the past, and pop off with “see that’s what’s wrong with Saisons, I just can’t get into them, see it’s them spices, pass the Hopslam, now there’s a refreshing 10% beer for me.”

And that’s fine. The game isn’t big enough to accommodate more saison fiends anyway. I would just urge someone to ruminate on it a bit more and focus on the dry, herbal swallow that can have a soothing eucalyptus aspect to if you give it the time of day.

This beer has so much love to give. I don’t think I have ever seen one of these either ISO or FT, so many close minded stout chasers out there.

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