@degardebrewing deGarde Saison desay Chardonnay barrel aged, a tart diaphanous banger that goes hard on acidity and a gentle musky tap on the fanny


This is another one of those top 50 ratchets I missed out on for a whole and people were lactating at the side project collabo, so I let it be. Until now.

This is admittedly a tasty and entirely refreshing blast of lemonade for hot dog on a stick randalled through a stack of Jack Kirby x men comics. Light musk and a faint Brett L action pulling double duty for a Natalie Portman thin body. There’s a great finish akin to merengue that falls off quickly and you get blue BALs of the palate and wanna get your mouth on it again.

Wholly enjoyable, now to snipe that other deviant. That top 50 saison bracket is like trying to no scope a scraper in team fortress II

I’m still not even internet famous

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