@hillfarmstead Aaron: HF tosses that rustic VT hat into the English barleywine ring. Tasty toasted caramel and silky creme brûlée shell.


Everyone has been patiently waiting for this brewery to cast a shot across the bow into this coveted genre.

At the outset I need to say that this is exceedingly clean and highly attenuated to the point of toeing that Central Waters BBBW line of cleanliness. The nose is intensely cognac and toasted cream of wheat with brown sugar. It is very tasty and less substantial than the other BABW heavy hitters but still robust in the flavor profile.

The taste is caramello and werthers original with a wafty heat that will light up your chest like a couple pops from a 38 special. It isn’t exceedingly sweet, but it isn’t oaky and dry either. If you have had Blendiculous you will know how this feels.


If you hit this hard. It’s dangerous to go alone, take this.

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