@CaseyBrewing has set out to manufacture the lightest cleanest most gushers forward saisony American krieky bangers in the game.


It is typical for Colorado to make amazing beers and not tell anyone. They are like the inverted paradigm of the Midwest, no hype, awesome product, not distributed to 14 states: just tasty beers that never seem to make it past the Rockies.

Well those of you who already have been secretly sipping Boulder and AC golden offerings, prepare for zero units of surprise. This is an exceedingly thin albeit svelte little table beer holding itself out as a muscley saison. And that’s fine.

To flesh out that thin frame a delicious tart cherry aspect has been draped around it like Lululemon yoga pants to cute and imperfections and it worked immaculately. The cherry is a gentle sprinter with a mineral finish like Canada Dry mashed with Pelegrino and is over before it starts.

If you want a soft touch and a smattering of grenadine in a farmhouse, Casey will take you there child.

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