Expo be drinking like an almost finished American barleywine.


In reality Expo is probably best in show after Notorious and PtY. The real problem is the TIPA style itself, which is the infantile rite of passage for basic bitch tickers who are just exiting the hop phase and use the 100000+ ibu threshold as a hallmark of malty palate maturity. This is an exceptional beer, every batch , but the style isn’t refreshing yet lacks the complexity of the big beer brethren. It just feels big and flabby for flabbiness sake. It’s like when you see a Nissan Armada and you kinda LOL like, Who the fuck is that even for?

Alpine crushes the hop game, they just need to discontinue all those other beers that keep the lights on. I don’t even need to name them, go to your local bottle shop, they will be the only ones left on the shelf.

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