Bullfrog Le Roar Grrrz, the best in set, toeing precipitously close to that Pajotenland musk. Fantastic.


I expected the least from this, but with the withdrawal of the fruits new glarusing up the place, the musk and funk can slow dance and neck kiss without chaperones putting their two cents in.

This has a light pithy orange and tangerine juiciness to the grist, ratcheted hay and solid THOT bitter grapefruit closer. The mouthfeel is a touch too dry and needs a creaminess to the mouthfeel to balance the acidity but god damn does it come correct on the Belgian front.

There’s no needless wheelies or masking with fruit , this is dating naked for your bitter zones, sloppy titties and oaky sweat. Except no VH1 because fuck Vh1


Eerily similar to Belgian musk, a page from the Funk factory play book.

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