@cellarmakerbeer CELLARMAKER Jezebel is like smashing someone to your own single: gauche, yeasty, and strangely fulfilling.


Alright the premiere bottling run from Connor Casey and those SF farmhouse boyz is upon us. All the factors of whaledome seem present: low bottle counts, barrel aged, saison, brewery with high pedigree, but does this minx deliver?

Yes and no. This is distinctively CELLARMAKER with the funk and gristy rye mouthfeel, like the Jean brolliet IV set of the west, all hands are tired in parity. The carb is spot on, mouthfeel is dry and a touch like bubblegum chalkiness not exceedingly acidic in execution. The nose is the best part, straight tangerine and clementines with a Brett musk like hot attic. The real strange element that will polarize is the taste itself. If you loveeeee yeasty chewy Saisons with a residual unfermented protein character, you will dig this. It’s like the American d’erpeteau with a funky banana and clove meets grapefruit closer. If you don’t like that weird hybrid, you will probably complain and we will all have to hear about how you love ultra acidic Saisons LIKE THEY SHOULD BE. And all that shit.

This flew under the radar and it’s a shame, a novel offering in the land of wild ales posing as Saisons. Noteworthy and worthy of your tongue time.


Fully turnt.

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