@3floyds Chevalier Bertrand du quesclin, probably FFF’s best wild ale endeavor to date. Whatever that means.


Them Floyd boys have an unapproachable reputation when it comes to hoppy and stouty offerings, but their saison and wild ale game leaves much to be desired; to say the least. Out of the gates I was praying for something above the usually acetone aqua net extravaganza that was battle priest/bully guppy/biggstache/take your pick. They delivered on this head and shoulders above their usual acidic face plants but that’s kinda like praising Smashmouth for releasing an album you don’t immediately run over with a ride on mower. It’s unquestionably better than all previous offerings, which is to say it took a blueberry medal in the wild ale special Olympics.

Relative to the whole blue bal spectrum this is a ho hum, pretty okay offering that ranks amongst Cascade and Upland for one dimensional, berry nosed bangers. It is by no means bad, but it puts its dick in a pencil sharpener when placed against flora blueberry or Lucy Blue. Nose is captain crunch berries and light tannic yogurt, and is honestly my favorite part. It smells great and doesn’t come across as cloying or artificial.

The taste is essentially the Michael Bay of the American lambic world, heightened one dimensional acidity with some sweet closers as an afterthought. I would say it falls just short of a pretty decent blueberry wild ale like beauregarde but honestly isn’t anything you should finger your butthole over. Unless you are into that, then get those berries blasting.

This will likely pad out plenty of dipshits’ “OMG BLUEBARRY TASTING EVENT 23 BEERS AND 41 DUDES” photo albums. It will fall in the dead middle and the yawns will resound through Indiana basements.


I can only serve up so many tired twigs and berries euphemisms, here’s a pic of Donald’s dick.

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